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Matrox Video Products

Matrox Company LogoMatrox Video Products Group designs and manufactures a complete line of open-architecture, PC-based, broadcast-quality digital video hardware and Windows  development tools for the television broadcast, cable and post-production industries.  

For more than 24 years, Matrox has been a technology leader in the development of computer-based digital video hardware and software tools. A privately held company headquartered in Dorval, Quebec, Matrox employs more than 1,400 people dedicated to the design, development, and manufacturing of strategic products in all areas of the communications world: video, graphics, imaging, and networking.

Demo Available
of RTX100
with Premiere Pro

Matrox RT.X100

Important Note for Matrox Owners

Matrox's drivers and  Adobe Premiere plug-in packages (eg MXTools) tend to work with a single version of Premiere. Whilst there may be several Matrox driver versions that all support the same version of Premiere, new versions of Premiere often require a new version of the Matrox drivers. Equally, the drivers are not normally backwardly compatible, so a new driver release from Matrox will typically not work with an earlier version of Premiere.

The Matrox Download page includes information on which Adobe version is supported by which Matrox version. 

Matrox MXO family - The range of MXO I/O boxes are designed to work with Final Cut on the Mac (both Macbooks and MacPro), Premiere CS4/5 on the PC, and in the case of the Mini it can also be used for output monitoring within Avid Media Composer v5.

In all cases they serve as a portable breakout box with high quality analogue and digital video outputs. The MXO2 includes inputs as well as outputs and the range includes the following connection options:-

  • SD/HD-SDI with embedded audio (8ch)
  • HDMI with embedded audio (8ch)
  • YUV analogue component video
  • Y/C & Composite analogue video
  • Balanced audio (XLR)
  • Unbalanced audio (phono) for 5.1 surround monitoring
  • AES/EBU digital audio
  • SD/HD Genlock input

Matrox MAX - The MAX hardware is a faster-than-realtime H264 MPEG4 video encoder which is available as a PCI-Ex card (called CompressHD), or as a factory-fitted option to the MXO2 I/O boxes. Works alongside RTX2 with v4.2 drivers.

Matrox MXO2 for Mac


Matrox CompressHD H264 card


Matrox RT.X2 PC edting system from ZEN Computer Services
An RTX2 editing system, with dual 23" LCD PC & TV monitors
Matrox RT.X2 video editing card & breakout box RT.X2 & RT.X100The RTX & RT cards have been discontinued, although we can still sometimes offer support for repairing and reconfiguring such systems.

Note: version 2.0 was the final release for Matrox RT.X100. It does not support either Windows Vista or Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 or Adobe CS3 Production Premium, or any of the later CS versions..

The RT.X2 is supported in Premiere Pro v2, CS3, CS4 & CS5.0. There is no driver/plugin support in CS5.5 or beyond

Note - all prices quoted on this site are UK pounds - ex VAT & delivery.  2.5% surcharge on Credit & Company Debit Card payments

Matrox Convert DVI SDI scan converterMatrox Convert DVI - broadcast-quality scan converter from DVI to analogue & HD/SDI video with embedded audio. Genlock/ref video input and DVI pass-through. 645.00
Matrox MXO for Mac - external SD/HD video output box 645.00
Matrox MXO2 Mini - PC or Mac versions - external SD/HD video I/O box with HDMI 335.00
Matrox MXO2 Mini MAX - PC or Mac versions - external SD/HD video I/O box with HDMI & h/w H264 encoder 640.00
Matrox MXO2 LE for PC/Mac - external SD/HD SDI video I/O box 725.00
Matrox MXO2 LE MAX for PC/Mac - external SD/HD SDI video I/O box with H264 h/w encoder 970.00
Matrox MXO2 for PC/Mac - external SD/HD SDI video I/O box with AES/EBU audio 1,050.00
Matrox MXO2 MAX for PC/Mac - external SD/HD SDI video I/O box with H264 h/w encoder 1,430.00
Matrox MXO2 Rack for PC/Mac - external rackmount SD/HD video I/O box 1,430.00
Matrox MXO2 Rack MAX for PC/Mac - external SD/HD video I/O box with H264 encoding h/w 1,690.00
Matrox Compress HD - PCI-Express card with H264 Encoder h/w 360.00
Used Matrox RT.X100/RT.X2 - card & Breakout Box - see Car Boot Sale page as available


RS232-RS422 h/w converter (for VTR control) for use with Digisuite, RT/RTX cards & Premiere Pro v2/CS3 55.00
ProVTR RS422 VTR Control plugin for Adobe PremierePro (1.0 & 1.5) and RT/RTX cards 140.00
High quality colour coded Adobe Premiere Pro keyboard (UK) 64.00

NOTE -  All Matrox Digisuite, RT & RTX products and accessories are discontinued


RTX Video output adaptor

Lost or damaged your RTX 100 breakout cable? Or need something simpler to just get a video output for monitoring? The RTX-CVO plugs directly into any Matrox RTX 10/100 card to give composite video out on a female BNC connector.

Price - 15.00

Note - all prices quoted on this site are UK pounds - ex VAT & delivery.  2.5% surcharge on Credit & Company Debit Card payments

 What we're about . . .    ZEN is not a traditional Audio-Visual dealer who started selling computers, nor is it a computer shop that also sells video editing systems. You won't get any salesmen giving you the "hard-sell" when you call, just straightforward advice and information - which for some callers is the knowledge that they don't need to buy whatever it is they thought they needed! Above all you'll be dealing with someone with a wide range of experience and knowledge of both PCs and video production. We're not the biggest, nor necessarily the cheapest, but we are one of the longest established computer/video specialists in the UK.

 Company history . . .    ZEN was started in the 1980s by Martin Kay, then working for ITV at Granada's Manchester studios, who built his first 6502-based computer in 1979 from an Ohio Scientific kit, bought in the USA whilst working as a Sound Recordist on a film shoot for World In Action. With the advent of the Amiga, which could be gen-locked to a video source, Martin started writing a variety of video-related software. This included subtitling & tele-prompting, ident clocks, scoring software for sports & gameshows, and specialist software to mimic other computer displays for use in TV film dramas like Cracker, Prime Suspect and A Touch of Frost. Martin left Granada in 1993 to concentrate on his computer-video activities with ZEN, following a natural path into non-linear editing systems, now the main focus of the business, although he still maintains an active interest in video production.

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