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Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI 4x PCIe cardWe currently supply Magewell
video capture cards & USB devices

as well as vMix live switching/streaming software
and BirdDog hardware NDI encoder/decoders

Teradek - mobile HD video networking

Stream HD video wirelessly, direct from the camera, over a local network or across the internet

TeradekTeradek is a privately held R&D company offering a wide range of state-of-the-art networking video products. Teradek is located on southern California’s Titanium Coast in Irvine, a hotbed of technology surrounded by top engineering schools and a healthy ecosystem of technology vendors.

Teradek VidiU

The Teradek VidiU gives you the freedom to broadcast live full HD video directly to the Web without a PC. Whether you’re streaming out of a video switcher or wirelessly from your camera, VidiU allows you to go live when you want, where you want.

  • Live Streaming Without a PC
  • Ustream & Livestream Integration
  • Broadcast to any Streaming Platform
  • Go Live Anywhere Cable-Free
  • Stream to iOS Devices

FREE App allows remote monitoring and configuration via WiFi

Teradek Cube video streaming device

Teradek Cube™ - lightweight portable wireless HD video streaming

The Cube™ Family are the world's first camera-top streaming HD video devices. The family includes six encoder models and two matching form-factor decoders. The Cube™ Encoder streams HD video over WiFi or wired Ethernet,  can create its own wireless (ad hoc) network, over which it streams HD video directly to a Cube™ Decoder, a computer or laptop, a server, or a mobile device such as an iPad with no other networking equipment required. To extended your broadcast range, Cube™ Encoder can join an infrastructure network by using a wireless router and stream over a LAN or WAN. Experienced network users can use Cube™ to stream video over the Internet, or to video mixing applications like VidBlaster. Cube™ Encoders and Decoders can be purchased in pairs that factory default to a point-to-point (ad hoc) WiFi connection. Together they provide an end-to-end streaming video solution for filmmaking, news gathering, and ProAV.

Cube™ Decoders

The Cube™ Decoder is a small, extremely low-power video decoder that pairs ideally with the Teradek Cube™ Encoder. They are designed for placement on small handheld monitors and large HD displays and feature either HDMI or HD-SDI output. Using a Cube™ Decoder eliminates the need for using a PC to receive and decode video.

Cubelets™ Encoder/Decoder Pair

Cube™ Encoder/Decoder pairing is the ideal solution for turnkey on-set video monitoring. Use the Cube™ Encoder to stream HD video over WiFi, then connect the Cube™ Decoder to a small hand-held monitor or a professional field monitor to receive the signal and view video up to 1080p24. Cube decoders are available in both HDMI and HD-SDI versions.

For news gathering the Encoder/Decoder pair allows broadcasters to disconnect from the ENG vehicle, eliminating the need for long cable runs, giving the advantage of freedom of movement to the journalist and cameraman for capturing the critical action.

Advanced Compression

Cube uses H.264 High Profile (Level 4.1) video compression, which is the most advanced compression algorithm in the world today, and it features a built-in scaler to convert from 1080 to 720, 480 or 240 resolutions. Users can choose a resolution and target bit rate based on the availability of IP bandwidth. Typical bit rates for HD are between 2-4Mbps, and SD bit rates are typically sub-1Mbps. Cube's end-to-end latency is approximately 1/8-1/2 second.*

Small Size

Cube is tiny (about the size of a pack of cards), uses only 2.5W of DC power, weighs about 200g, and mounts easily to a rail system, cage, hotshoe, or camera baseplate. Cube's line-of-sight WiFi range is approximately 300 feet when used with a high quality WiFi access point. Cube has been tested extensively with RED ONE**, Arri Alexa, Panavision Genesis, Canon 5Dii, Canon 7D, various handi-cams and more.

*Latency measured by independent third party testers. iPad's native video decoder adds approximately 10 seconds of latency. An RTP solution for iPad will be available shortly to eliminate the latency issue.

**Cube is not compatible with RED ONE's HDMI output as its output is non-standard. Cube works beautifully with RED ONE's HD-SDI output.

Note - all prices quoted on this site are UK pounds - ex VAT & delivery

Teradek VidiU Price
VidiU - Consumer camera-top HDMI H264 Encoder enquire
Teradek Cube encoders Price
CUBE-105 1ch HD-SDI Encoder, wired ethernet output enquire
CUBE-155 1ch HD-SDI Encoder, Built in 2.4G/5.8G WiFi, mic input, USB  
CUBE-205 1ch HDMI Encoder, wired ethernet output  
CUBE-255 1ch HDMI Encoder, Built in 2.4G/5.8G WiFi, mic input, USB  
CUBE-555 1ch Composite Encoder, Built in 2.4G/5.8G WiFi, mic input, USB  
Teradek Cube decoders  
CUBE-305 1ch Decoder, SDI out, wired ethernet input enquire
CUBE-355 1ch Decoder, SDI out, Built in 2.4G/5.8G WiFi, mic input, USB  
CUBE-405 1ch Decoder, HDMI out, wired ethernet input  
CUBE-455 1ch Decoder, HDMI out, Built in 2.4G/5.8G WiFi, mic input, USB  
Teradek H264 Encoders  
CLIP - Aerial Video Transmitter using H264 encoding enquire
CLIPLET - Aerial Video Transmitter/Receiver set  
SLICE HD-SDI H.264 encoder (includes MPEG-TS)  
SLICE HD-SDI H.264 decoder  
Teradek BOLT - Zero Delay Wireless Transmitter  
BOLT Pro300 HD-SDI/HDMI Transmitter / Receiver Set (BOLT-930) enquire
BOLT Pro300 HD-SDI/HDMI Receiver  (BOLT-932)  
BOLT Pro600 HD-SDI/HDMI Transmitter / Receiver Set (BOLT-960)  
Teradek BOND - HD Streaming Over Multiple 3G & 4G Networks  
BOND 3/4G Bonding Solution (Excludes CUBE and MPEG-TS Option) enquire
Sputnik Linux exec s/w on USB, printed manual (Note : Download FOC)  
Preconfigured Sputnik Server on Linux Mini Desktop PC  
Preconfigured Sputnik Server on a Rack-Mount Linux PC  
BASE Turnkey 1U RackMounted Sputnik Server & HDSDI Decoder  
BOND II Integrated HDSDI Cellular Bonding Solution
Supports up to 6 Modems, includes MPEG-TS
LINK Mobile Bonded Cellular Hotspot  
LINK V-Mount Mobile Bonded Cellular Hotspot  
Optional software enhancements & accessories  
CUBE MPEG-TS over IP (TCP or UDP) Software Licence  
CUBE / BRIK ZiXi Licence  
CUBE Remote Proxy Recording Licence (Instant Rushes) for CUBE100,120 & 150, and/or UDP Multicast Software Licence enquire
CUBE cables & accessories enquire

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