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Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI 4x PCIe cardWe currently supply Magewell
video capture cards, USB & NDI devices

as well as vMix live switching/streaming software
and BirdDog hardware NDI encoders/decoders

ViewCast Corporation

ViewCast logo ViewCast Corporation are a US company based in Dallas, Texas and are best known for the Osprey range of streaming media products. The company produces a wide variety of encoders and decoders for Windows Media, Real Video & MPEG applications. ViewCast Osprey Video has been a major player in the pioneering efforts of the streaming media industry since its inception in 1997 with Progressive Networks (Now RealNetworks). Osprey Video has maintained its position as an industry leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge streaming media capture, encoding and CODEC technology.

Osprey 100

The streaming media workhorse that launched Internet video! Don't be fooled by the low price of this card either; industry leaders Microsoft and RealNetworks back it because it is the most widely used video capture card on the planet. Ideal for use with VIDBlaster - a software video switcher (vision mixer) ideal for web broadcasting & streaming.

Osprey 200 series

Osprey 500DV cardThe next step up from the Osprey 100 combining audio and video capture into a single device.

Osprey 400 series

There are two Osprey 400 models to choose from: the Osprey 440 and the Osprey 460e. Both models offer 4 separate inputs that can be captured in real time, or used for live multi-camera production with software like VIDBlaster. The Osprey 460e card fits in a single channel PCI-Ex 1x slot, whereas the 440 is designed for traditional 32 & 64bit PCI slots.

Osprey 500 series

The Osprey DV530 features SDI video as well as analogue composite & Y/C, and balanced/unbalanced audio inputs,

Common Applications

  • Web Video content production - ideal for use with the VIDBlaster software vision mixer & production system
  • Internet Broadcasting and Live Webcasting
  • VIDBlaster software vision mixerMultimedia Presentations
  • Video Conferencing
  • News Delivery
  • Telemedicine
  • Video Email
  • Encoding Services
  • Business TV
  • Training

Viewcast homepage

More video streaming/encoding products : Magewell, VidBlaster

Note - all prices quoted on this site are UK pounds - ex VAT & delivery

ViewCast Osprey Streaming Media Products


Osprey-100 with Y/C &  Composite video inputs 124.00
Osprey-210 as 100 with unbalanced audio inputs, monitor o/p & Osprey SimulStream option 150.00
Osprey-230 as 210 plus balanced XLR audio inputs on a breakout cable 340.00
Osprey-300 64bit PCI-X card, DV(IEEE1394 firewire), Y/C, Composite video, bal/unbal audio & breakout cable - EOL, while stocks last 385.00
Osprey-440 PCI quad input composite video on BNCs & unbalanced audio inputs 725.00
Osprey-460e PCI-Ex quad input composite video on BNCs & unbalanced audio inputs 870.00
Osprey-530 64bit PCI-X card, SDI, Y/C, Composite video, bal/unbal audio & breakout cable 1110.00
Osprey Simulstream Software 350.00

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