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ZEN's free Speed Razor effects plug-ins & VU Meter Scale

  • Effects include DeFlicker, Flip, ColourShift, Quantize, QuickMove, QuickScale & TimeBlur  Download  (220KB)
  • For those who already have the previous collection, the TimeBlur effect  Download  (93KB) Note that although TimeBlur was written according to the Razor v4 spec, it does not work with Speed Razor v5.x. Strangely, the other effects which were written for the earlier Razor v3.5 still work OK under v5.x. InSync have never explained what they changed in v5, so we've been unable to fix TimeBlur.
  • Alternative EBU-friendly VU meter scale, with PPM-style linearity and 0dB mark set to -18dBfs Download (2KB)

ZEN's Lightwave 3D  preview plug-ins for DPS PVR & Reality/Velocity

  • Lightwave 3D plug-in to preview renders to the PVR's video output buffer (for LW v4.0/5.0/5.6/6.0) Download (9KB)
  • Lightwave 3D plug-in to preview to the Reality/Velocity, using both video outputs (for LW v4.0/5.0/5.6/6.0) Download (42KB)

Audio Tone sample at -18dBfs (EBU reference level)

  • This is a stereo WAV file of 1KHz tone at 44.1KHz sample rate  Download (12KB)

ZEN's Amiga software (VTclock, Eurotitler & Smooth Talker demos)

  • Smooth Talker Demo (prompting) Download (45KB)
  • VTClock (VT Indent/Countdown clock) Download (29KB)
  • Transfer these archive files to your Amiga (using CrossDOS), and then extract using LHA.


Download Registration

Our various downloads have been made freely available for the last 8 years or more, partly because it was too difficult to implement a simple method to collect small amounts of money. However, whilst we don't want to change things too much, we would ask that if you find the software useful (and particularly if it's used for commercial production) you consider making a donation to the author.

Alternatively, we merely ask that you register at least your full name, address & email (because we'd like to have an idea of who's using our software, and where!) Fields in red are required. Think of it as sending a postcard from your home town - it's always interesting for us to see just how widespread the video/graphics community is. Is that too much to ask?

   via PayPal, or register below

Due to the levels of spam that were arriving via the Registration Form, and the low numbers of genuine download requests, we now request that you send an email (address is top right of page) and we will send you a link to the download you require.

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