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Magewell logo In case youíve never heard of Magewell, they are a Chinese company from Nanjing specialising in video capture cards. Of course thereís lots of little-known companies in Asia that make video capture cards, often aimed at the CCTV market, many of which donít work with applications like vMix or Wirecast, so you might wonder what makes Magewell different? Demo AvailableTheir primary market is AudioVisual and Streaming, so their products are designed for use with a wide range of software. A more recent development is the adoption of the embedded NDI SDK from NewTek, with which Magewell have developed the Pro Convert range of NDI converters, supporting HDMI and SDI inputs and resolutions up to 4K.

Read the preliminary version of our 3-way feature comparison of the BirdDog, Magewell & NewTek "full-spec NDI" encoders as a PDF download here

Prices for the Pro Convert NDI range are on our main Magewell page

Pro Convert Tx models on view at ISE 2019  -  now available

Magewell Pro Convert TX HDMI & SDI hardware NDI encoders

This was the first public showing of the Pro Convert TX models. These sub-Ä400 "full-NDI" encoders are available in HDMI & SDI versions, encode resolutions up to 1080p60 HD, and retain most of the other features of the Pro Convert Plus models. The most noticeable exception is the  loop-thru output, but the Tally/PTZ control output socket is retained. Available now.

The Magewell Pro Convert Plus range  -  HDMI & SDI,  HD & 4K versions

Magewell Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus - NDI encoder

There are both HD-only and 4K models in the Plus range, all featuring low NDI latency and full-bandwidth video, along with up to 8 channels of embedded audio. A planned firmware update will add decode capability. 

Magewell Pro Convert NDI 8pin tally & 9pin PTZ VISCA cable

Available in HDMI & SDI versions, these stand-alone hardware NDI encoders feature Loop Thru connections, an 8-pin tally & PTZ (VISCA) control port (an 8 - 9 pin breakout cable is included) with powering via a USB2 socket (mains power adapter included) or via POE.

Magewell Pro Convert Plus NDI encoder HD & 4K SDI

Magewell Pro Convert Plus NDI encoder HD & 4K HDMI

These new Pro Convert devices can be thought of as being like the Magewell USB capture range, in terms of auto-detecting the input signal format and having some processing controls like de-interlacing and aspect ratio conversion (*as below), but directly connected to a FPGA-based hardware NDI encoder using NewTek's codec for embedded systems. This is a "full quality" NDI codec, not the low-bitrate NDI|HX (H264-based) variant found in the Connect Spark and a number of PTZ cameras.

Magewell Pro Convert NDI web interface

The web-based GUI provides status information and controls for the various settings, updating firmware, etc.

Magewell Pro Convert NDI web interface



64013 Magewell Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus

Standalone single channel hardware NDI encoder - see our performance tests on our Facebook page

available now

Magewell Pro Convert HDMI Plus HD hardware NDI encoder

64023 Magewell Pro Convert HDMI Plus  (HD)

Similar to the HDMI 4K version, but limited to HD resolution. Both versions have loop-thru, 8-pin output port for PTZ (VISCA) & tally control signals.

available now


64033 Magewell Pro Convert SDI 4K Plus

Similar to the HDMI 4K version, but with maximum 6G 4Kp30 input & loop-thru. (Also handles SD & HD SDI)

available now

64043 Magewell Pro Convert SDI Plus  (HD)

Similar to the SDI 4K version, but limited to 3G HD & SD resolutions.

available now

64053 Magewell Pro Convert TX HDMI  (HD)

Similar to the HDMI Plus version, but without the HDMI loop-thru

available now

64063 Magewell Pro Convert TX SDI  (HD)

Similar to the SDI Plus version, but without the SDI loop-thru.

available now

64073 Magewell Pro Convert RX AIO

NDI decoder with HDMI & SDI outputs

coming soonish

pre-order now

64103 Magewell Pro Convert RX NDI to HDMI 

NDI decoder with HDMI output, OSD & built-in scaler

available now

Prices for the Pro Convert NDI range are on our main Magewell page


All prices are subject to change at short notice

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Magewell's company website homepage - for further information and software downloads

Magewell Pro Convert units can be connected via USB (using RNDIS), simulating a normal ethernet connection, thus allowing high-quality HD video to be sent over a USB2 link, whilst at the same time retaining the benefits of NDI by making the source available on the LAN (that the computer is connected to), just like any other NDI source.

Magewell Pro Convert NDI can connect via USB RNDIS

Read the preliminary version of our 3-way feature comparison of the BirdDog, Magewell & NewTek "full-spec NDI" encoders as a PDF download here


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