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 Last updated: 20 July, 2022 assortment of audio, video & computer equipment, some used, some new, and all too good to throw away when someone might have a use for it.

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Most items can be seen at our Manchester office (apart from.some Customer Items coded light blue)


Audio Items inc PPMs  -  Video Monitors - 19" Racks - Customer Items (various)

Used Video Camera for sale

Used JVC GY-HM170 for sale - very light use

Used JVC GY-HM170 for sale - very light use

Only powered up for 23hrs total. Bought as a signal source for a trade show booth - virtually unused since. Includes top handle with XLR audio.

The JVC GY-HM170 is a compact 4K Ultra HD camcorder, with professional audio connectivity, capable of shooting 4:2:2 full HD at 50Mbps. The GY-HM170ís integrated 12x optical zoom lens and 4K CMOS sensor deliver 4K Ultra HD recordings directly to SDHC/SDXC memory cards, and you can output live 4K via HDMI (at 25/29.97p).

Price - 640.00

Used Video Monitors for sale


PVM 14M2

Sony 14" with cvbs, Y/C & YUV  inputs, under/overscan,  4:3/16:9  - damaged but powers up - for spares/repairs


PVM 1444

Sony 14" with composite (2), Y/C & YUV inputs, underscan
- was working, but no longer powers up - for spares/repairs


Computer-Video Stuff



Fast DVMaster with Speed Razor v3.5 or 4.x edit s/w (for Windows NT4)


Blackmagic Video Recorder

USB2 device for recording H264 video files from analogue composite or YUV SD sources. Mac-only. Bought in error by a customer who thought it recorded HD and immediately returned it when he discovered his mistake.


Decklink HD

Blackmagic Decklink HD PCI-X cardUsed Blackmagic Decklink HD card. Requires 64bit PCI-X slot for HD, but for SD will work in a 32bit PCI slot.  SDI/HDSDI in/out + S/PDIF out + RS422 9-pin VTR control
For use with Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro



Blackmagic UltraScope waveform displays/picture monitoring - previously used with Avid. In box with software CD and PCIe input card.


Used Blackmagic UltraScope for sale

Leitch / DPS Reality

Used dpsReality card & Breakout cable. Includes Reality/Velocity software, Inscriber TitleMotion (dongle) and two 73GB SCSI drives.


DPS Leitch Reality Leitch DPS Velocity 2D & Inscriber Titlemotion

Items remaining from a used Avid Edit Suite
Price (ex VAT)
Avid Keyboard (for PC, with PS/2 connector) 30.00
Sony SLV-SE840 VHS deck offers
Sony RDR-GX210 DVD recorder offers
Audio & video cables - various offers

Acer 1714  -  3.4GHz P4 Laptop with 17" LCD   desktop performance in a mobile form factor

Acer Aspire 1714SMi Laptop with WindowsXP. As new condition. Bought for demonstrating Avid Xpress & Premiere Pro at trade shows but otherwise virtually unused.
It's got a big 17" LCD screen running at 1280x1024 from an Nvidia 5700 chipset with 128MB RAM and a full spec 3.4GHz Pentium 4. It also has S-Video TV out from which you can get a full-screen version of Premiere or Avid's video preview window.
The system RAM is 1GB (2x512MB), but could be swapped for 2x1GB. Likewise, the 120GB hard disk is a full size 3.5" unit (not the normal 2.5"), so it too could be swapped for anything up to a 500GB unit. On top of that, it's got a DVD writer, two 1394 firewire ports, both gigabit and wireless ethernet and lots of USB2 ports. Complete with original box & accessories. The replacement models aren't as upgradeable because they've gone back to using 2.5" disks to keep the size down.

Price - 120.00


Used DPS PVR Perception with SDI (very rare!)

PVR SDI rear panel

Old but tested/working complete PAL PVR system in 4U rack-mount case. Includes base PC with WinNT4, SCSI 'P'-drive, PVR3500, Antex Studiocard (audio) and DPS SDI I/O card for PVR. Will split. (PVR3500 80.00, Antex 40.00, SDI for PVR 150.00)

Price - 150.00 complete


Used PAG MC2 4-way NiCad Battery Charger for sale

PAG MC2 Battery charger
Old but tested/working PAG battery charger for PAGLok camera batteries. Fully automatic with microprocessor control. Will charge all PAG NiCad batteries up to 14V (and others - eg battery belts) Slow and fast charge modes. Standby, Charging, Ready and Absent/Faulty status display for each battery connected.

Price - 20.00


19" Equipment Racks

Used Light duty 17U rack for sale

Height 850mm, depth 400mm. Folded steel construction with a wooden base. Ideal for lighter/shallower rack equipment like patch-bays and effects units. That said, it's still quite heavy and would require collection. (Pictured equipment is not included)

Price - 20.00



Used Audio equipment for sale

Used BBC style PPMs for sale

We have sometimes have audio PPMs available, usually in rack-mount boxes, and can help install and set them up in any edit environment. As a long-time PPM user and devotee, Martin can advise you on most PPM-related matters. We currently have the non-BBC scale (nordic?) PPM meter pictured right, featuring twin level meters plus a LED phase meter in a 2U rack mount case.

Prices - from £140

ExCalrec Sifam A/B & M/S panel-mounting BBC-style PPMs

Pair of PPMs (M/S & A/B) -  £200

Pair of M/S + A/B stereo Sifam BBC-style PPM meters and AM 20/4 drive cards taken from a CALREC mixing desk.
VGC. Untested since removal but were working fine.

ExCalrec Sifam A/B & M/S panel-mounting BBC-style PPMs


Used PSC DV Pro Mix 3 stereo portable audio mixer for sale

PSC DV Pro Mix 3 stereo portable audio mixer

Professional Sound Corporation  DV Pro Mix 3 stereo audio mixer. Three mic/line inputs (all on XLRs), main output on 2x XLRs (switchable to mic or line level), headphone out on 3.5mm mini- jack . Mic inputs have three-position gain switch for Line, Dynamic mic & Condenser mic levels, P48 Phantom Power on/off, bass roll-off (at 20, 80 or 150Hz), and L/R/Centre pan switch. Includes tape return i/p on mini-jack with Direct/Tape selector switch and headphone volume on the front panel. Bright LED L/R level meters. Powered by two 9V PP3 batteries. Includes protective shoulder bag & strap (although not the one shown).

PSC DV Pro Mix 3 stereo portable audio mixer    PSC DV Pro Mix 3 stereo portable audio mixer

Price - 270.00 (Not currently available)

Used Audio 2020 UHF Ch69 Diversity Radio Mic for sale

2020 UHF Diversity Radio Mic

Audio TX/DX 2020 UHF diversity radio mic transmitter & receiver pair on Ch69. Industry standard broadcast-quality radio mic. Little used and in very good condition (apart from slightly kinked TX aerial - it only takes one person leaning back on it a few times!). Includes output cable and can include a used Tram microphone at extra cost.

Price - 350.00


Video Monitors


Sony PVM 1444 14" PAL component video monitor with 16:9 switch
Sony PVM 1444 14" PAL monitor rear component video BNC connections
Sony PVM 1444QM 14" Professional monitor with composite (x2), Y/C & component (YUV or RGB) video inputs, plus audio. Trinitron tube, Underscan, PAL/NTSC, external sync, etc.

I think the last one has now gone 


Various customers' items

none of these items are available to view at our Manchester office - they are held by the respective customers

None at present

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Martin Kay offers help and advice on audio, video & computer problems
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